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Adveco ARDENT Electric Boilers For Commercial Hot Water

ARDENT is a new range commercial electric boilers from hot water specialist Adveco. ARDENT can be combined with heat pump systems to provide a high-temperature energy source during the coldest months, or, as part of an indirect hot water system, can help eliminate damaging scale build-up commonly seen on direct electrical immersion heaters.”

Encompassing wall-hung and floor-standing variants with heat outputs from 9 to 100 kW, ARDENT provides an easy to integrate, high capacity, reliable, and compact response for electric hot water and central heating demands in commercial buildings.

“Designed to serve an indirect water heater or heating system, multiple electric heating elements immersed into ARDENT’s integrated water storage tank provide a rapid and reliable source of thermal energy for those seeking to avoid a reliance on gas energy supplies,” said Bill Sinclair, technical director, Adveco.

ARDENT commercial electric hot water boilers, use electricity to more efficiently provide rapid heating with consistent water temperatures. The front-mounted controller with an LCD display provides intuitive control.

With stepped power control ARDENT reduces start-up current and provides optimum heating output by economically adjusting the output when approaching the set point temperature. Range rating allows the maximum output to be limited to reduce wear on the heating elements and operate within the power availability on site. ARDENT includes integrated overheat protection as standard to ensure safe operation.

The compact wall-hung ARDENT is available in two ranges, ADRENT Standard and ARDENT Plus, offering outputs from 9 to 36 kW with multiple heating elements that provide built-in redundancy. The 9kW unit is available in single and three phase whereas all larger units are 3 phase only

With no requirements for flueing, ARDENT will typically benefit from lower installation costs and can be an easier to install option for smaller plant rooms or awkward spaces. With silent operation and no combustion by-products, CNOₓ or carbon monoxide, ARDENT electric boilers also offer a safer option for water heating (DHW).

The ARDENT Standard 24 kW and 36 kW model features three heating elements with thermostat input and output control to an external pump.

The ARDENT Plus 9kW, 12 kW and 24 kW models feature two or three heating elements with six or nine circuits controlled by the front-mounted controller with LCD display. Models include an integrated expansion vessel, relief valve, and circulation pump. Additional controls for a 3-port valve and fault output are available.

For larger-scale applications, ARDENT is also available as a floor-standing appliance with 60 kW, 80 kW and 100 kW heat outputs. Stepped element control is included, as well as an automatic air relief valve, safety valve, and temperature and pressure sensors. The integral controller boasts an LCD display and fault output.   

For commercial organisation seeking to reduce carbon emissions and accelerate the sustainability of their building stock ARDENT commercial electric boilers supports low emission hot water (DHW) and heating applications. As grid supplied electricity becomes cleaner, or locally generated clean sources such as wind or solar become more prevalent, ARDENT, when paired with heat pump technology, can form part of an organisation’s zero emission strategy.

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