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Adveco Offers New Accredited Training For Sustainable Hot Water Applications

Commercial hot water specialist Adveco adds further support to customers’ continuing professional development (CPD) with a new training portal and CIBSE-accredited sessions on creating sustainable hot water applications for commercial and public sector properties.

With stepped carbon budgets created by the government until 2037, the UK has entered a period of all electric Heating and domestic hot water systems. With the growing demand for electric-based water heating systems, correct sizing is becoming increasingly important as these systems can have higher CapEx and OpEx than their more traditional natural gas-fired counterparts. Sizing Domestic Hot Water Systems for Commercial Environments takes participants through the methodology behind correct sizing of domestic hot water systems for commercial projects. Best Practices for Electric Based Commercial Hot Water Systems expands on the sizing CPD providing an in-depth look at the use of immersion heating, electric boilers, and indirect water cylinders, and how air source heat pump technology is rapidly evolving and should be deployed to best advantage.

Adveco’s latest CPD, Solar Thermal Energy In The UK, explains how this proven technology can be used to advantage commercial building projects.

Vince Ng, Business Development Manager, Adveco, said: “With more than 500 live installations throughout the UK, Adveco has unprecedented expertise in the design and provision of commercial solar thermal. A tried and trusted renewable technology, solar thermal is seeing a resurgence in interest as public sector organisations are re-evaluating its benefits as they search for affordable and reliable methods for delivering decarbonisation strategies that meet net zero goals.”

Solar thermal is specifically used to heat domestic hot water (DHW) providing thermal energy to a load, thereby reducing the energy consumption of the existing equipment. This reduces the carbon emissions and the running costs of the system. Not to be confused with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems which generate electricity from panels, solar thermal collectors absorb solar energy and transport it via a solar fluid to an indirect hot water cylinder where the energy is transferred. For water heating applications, solar thermal is up to eight times more effective than PV, so highly advantageous when roof space is limited.

Adveco’s Solar Thermal Energy in The UK CPD session explains in depth the benefits, including offsetting costs for both low-carbon electric and gas-based DHW systems. It gives full consideration to the design of robust solar thermal systems, exploring how it can be used to contribute to a building’s hot water system, and explaining the importance of correct sizing and avoiding the costly dangers of overheating through the application of drain back.

The CPD will also cover the decision process for the application of solar thermal, solar PV or air source heat pumps (ASHP). This includes clear advice on methods for combining solar thermal with ASHP in hybrid applications.

“Installation of solar thermal is a relatively straightforward process for those with professional plumbing skills,” adds Vince. “The technology provides a prime opportunity to encompass sustainability that once installed offers low-to-no-cost hot water that can meet as much as 30% of annual hot water demands for a rapid return on investment when used to offset expensive electricity costs.”

To discover more about water heating CPDs or to book as session with Adveco visit the new training portal

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