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Champion unveils new 4-15kW scroll air compressors

Champion, a leading supplier of compressed air systems, has launched its latest oil-free air compressors as part of its renowned S-Series range, delivering reliable and efficient oil-less compressed air.

The extremely quiet and ultra-low vibration series of scroll air compressors supplies ISO 8573-1 Class 0 compliant oil and silicone free compressed air. As a result, these solutions are ideally suited for production sensitive environments, such as laboratories and hospitals that require the highest air quality level possible. They are also suitable for a variety of other applications that require high quality oil-less compressed air including automotive, food and beverage, transportation, electronics and drug manufacture.

Pure compressed air is important in many industry applications and the S-Series scroll compressor range meets those demands by offering full protection against contamination, as well as continuous, reliable and low-maintenance operation. Available in a range of kW sizes, starting at 4kW for single airend Simplex units, and 7kW for Duplex models with two airends, the scroll compressor series is capable of delivering a volume flow between 23.8 to 107 m³/hr at 8 bar, and 19.6 to 82.4 m³/hr at 10 bar.

The range’s cutting-edge Oil Less Technology reduces the costs of ownership by avoiding oil filter replacements, oil condensate treatment, and energy to combat the pressure loss caused by filtration. However, the units encompass a number of key new benefits, too.

One of these is the Deluxe HMI control panel, fitted as standard. With an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface the Deluxe HMI control panel provides users with real-time information such as system runtime meters, maintenance timers, and discharge pressure/temperature statistics. An integrated webserver allows users to monitor S-Series units from any internet-connected computer, smartphone, or mobile device. Further connectivity options, like Modbus TCP, is available as well.

Service and maintenance are a hassle-free undertaking with the latest S-Series compressors from Champion. Panels on the unit can be easily removed, improving accessibility for users while also assisting with space requirements, while a unique chambered design maximises cooling and serviceability.

Excessively loud air compressor systems in a plant or operations area are associated with difficult workplace communications and fatigue. Therefore, compressors installed near the point of use should be quiet and compact. The S-Series range with low noise levels is suited to these environments or where there are onsite space restrictions. The base mounted Simplex and Duplex units feature an air-cooled sound attenuating acoustic enclosure with internal vibration isolators, which contributes to a highly efficient cooling mechanism while simultaneously decreasing noise levels.

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