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COP26 is coming and SSE is a major partner

Attention is now really turning to COP26, with David Attenborough being appointed as the Peoples Champion and an increased rhetoric from all political parties. It’s now just six months until the eyes of the world will turn to Glasgow, as global leaders and businesses gather for the most important climate conversations to take place since the Paris Agreement was signed in 2015. The fact that SSE is a Principal Partner and will be involved in these discussions, is hugely exciting for everyone in our business.

COP26 will shape the direction of climate policy for at least the next decade. It is vital that businesses engage with this opportunity – and we’re really proud of SSE’s active involvement and publicly made commitments. We can’t sit back and let COP26 just happen. We want to actively maximise the opportunities that it brings.

COP26 is coming at a critical time. The past 12 months have seen a step change at a political level in terms of climate action in both Ireland and the UK. The announcement of a 10-point climate plan was a real statement of intent by the UK government regarding the road to net zero, while the Irish Government’s commitment to enshrine its new Climate Action Bill in law – complete with a commitment to reduce climate emissions by 51% by 2030 – is very welcome. We’re seeing good progress too in Northern Ireland with both a new Climate Action Plan and Energy Strategy in the works.

Awareness about the importance of climate action is growing all the time amongst both businesses and consumers. This presents a clear opportunity for SSE to power change and deliver on our Net Zero vision by encouraging both existing and potential customers to embrace green energy products and services.

SSE Business Energy and SSE Airtricity have a programme of content being rolled out in the run up to COP26, which will include our new “five practical steps to cut carbon”. Follow our LinkedIn pages to see this launched and updates on our preparations for COP 26.

In addition to our public commitments, staff at SSE are getting involved in delivering our net zero vision. In conversations with customers at appropriate touchpoints, to delivering excellent service and expertise on our range of Energy Solutions. As well as supporting SSE’s goal of cutting employees’ carbon intensity through the Climate Pledge programme.

Visit to learn more on how SSE Business Energy can help power change and grow your business sustainably.

COP26 is coming but it doesn’t stop there … let’s all work together to make a real difference!

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