EnCO Training Modules 2023

Overall Goal

Energy Conscious Organisation (EnCO) aims to engage, empower and equip organisations and energy professionals to enable significant energy savings through people. EnCO integrates employee engagement with technical opportunities to reduce energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions to accelerate the journey to net zero emissions.


* Equips delegates in the people aspects of saving energy

*Provides insights on the importance of behaviour change opportunities to save energy

* Introduces the EnCO process and tools to accelerate change in organisations

* Interaction with other energy professionals working to apply behaviour change with clients

* Helps energy staff in end-user organisations implement behaviour change

* Provides energy consultants and other service providers with new skills, recognition, an additional service to clients and new income streams

* Qualifications to become a Registered EnCO Consultant before becoming an Approved EnCO Practitioner

* Attracts 12 hours of CPD credit

* A 20% discount is offered to those who are accredited ESOS Lead Assessors

Who is the EnCO Training for?

The course is for energy professionals working within energy-using organisations and consultants advising clients.

Energy Managers/Engineers, Environmental Managers/Practitioners, Energy Consultants, M&E Specialists, Estates Managers and Energy Services and Technology Providers. Anyone interested in effecting behaviour change in organisations to save energy. The course is endorsed by BEIS.

Course Dates for 2023   4 x 2 hour modules on: 19 January / 2 February / 16 February / 2 March / 20 April / 4 May / 18 May / 24 May / 13 July / 27 July / 10 August / 24 August / 5 October / 19 October / 2 November / 16 November

EnCO Course endorsement from BEIS

 Behaviour change is a vital element of energy efficiency across the economy needed on the road to net zero, often at lower cost than installation of physical measures or improving the savings of installed measures. There is evidence Lead Assessors and Energy Auditors may not be fully considering behaviour change as an important opportunity to reduce both energy bills and emissions. Therefore there is a pressing need for upskilling in this area as Assessors prepare for the next ESOS Phase.   The Energy Conscious Organisation (EnCO) online training course has been designed to equip Lead Assessors and Energy Auditors to identify and implement behavioural opportunities. The course is run on a not-for-profit basis by the Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA) and the Energy Institute. It also provides CPD relevant to the continued learning that ESOS Lead Assessors should be doing to keep their knowledge up to date.   Gary Shanahan Head – Business and Industrial Energy Efficiency Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)  

Past Delegates’ Testimonials

 The EnCO training modules from ESTA are an information-packed set of indispensable knowledge to help unleash the huge potential energy savings from changing the way organisations think and harnessing their employees’ help.   Tim Holman Head of Operations TEAM (Energy Auditing Agency Ltd)  
 Although the course was remote, it was well structured and enabled interaction between participants. It gave you a clear understanding of how to gather the information needed to analyse an organisation’s behavioural approach to energy. After analysing this through a comprehensive but easily understandable Matrix, the course then goes on with guidance on how to structure your proposal and implement it. Highly recommended course.   Mike Tomaschiwsky Optima Energy  
 Behaviour change strategies within the workplace can produce some of the best paybacks of any investment in energy reduction. The EnCO course enables delegates to gain the necessary skills to be able to confidently work with clients to deliver these positive changes resulting in both cost and emission savings for their organisation.   Sam Arje TEAM (Energy Auditing Agency Ltd)  

Content Summary

Module 1Title: Energy Conscious Organisation  What is an Energy Conscious Organisation?  Why people are vital in any energy management strategy.  What are the benefits to the client and the consultant?  Breakout Sesions  Case Study: Power Systems Manufacturer  
Module 2Title: EnCO Matrix  Gap Analysis: defining reality  What are the key areas of need/opportunity?  EnCO Matrix as a tool for assessing an organisation.  EnCO Scoring System: Gold/Silver/Bronze categories.  Breakout sessions (EnCO Matrix)  
Module 3 Title: Developing a People- Based Strategy  Who needs addressing in an organisation?  What needs addressing for each identified group?  Breakout sessions (Top Level Commitment)  How can needs be addressed?  Guest Case Study  What support is required within an organisation to make it happen?    
Module 4Title: Implementation, Savings and Momentum  Examples of good practice organisations,  Writing effective proposals  Breakout sessions (Significant Energy Users)  Proving the savings through Measurement and Verification (M&V)  Maintaining Momentum  ISO 50001 as a mechanism for culture change  Course Exam

The course requires reading and preparation before each Module. The Modules are a mix of presentations, breakout sessions and group discussions with practical case studies.

 If you are passionate about behaviour change then this course gives you all the tools you need to start changing hearts and minds. Brilliant support from Jes and John who are willing to share their vast experience.  
Sue SpilsburyCarbon Decoded  

EnCO Course Facilitators

Jes and John are experienced energy consultants with extensive experience in practical behaviour change projects in industry, commerce and the public sector in the UK and internationally.

Jes Rutter


* BSc (Hons) Energy Engineering MEI, MIWFM, IAM

* Approved EnCO Practitioner

* ISO 50001 Practitioner


* 38 years in energy sector

* 17 years experience at an ESCO in senior roles, 21 years running an energy, sustainability and outsourcing consultancy across industry and public sector

* ISO 50001, behaviour change, and technical projects expert plus strategic advisor and facilitator

* Past Chair of ESTA IECg and co-founder of EnCO

John Mulholland


* Eur Ing BScTech (Hons) CEng CSci MIChemE FEI

● Approved EnCO Practitioner

● ESOS Lead Assessor

● ISO 50001 Practitioner


● Over 45 years experience in energy sector

● Over 35 years experience in behaviour change in 15 countries

● Public Sector: Local Authorities, Central Government, NHS, Higher Education, MoD

● Private Sector: Manufacturing, Commerce, Retail, Telecoms

 Coming from an engineering background and having spent a number of years trying to understand the practical application of psychological models to behaviour change, I found the EnCO course incredibly useful. It provided a well structured and practical method to address the often overlooked contribution that behaviour can make to carbon and cost savings.   John FiskeMinim Consultants  

EnCO Training Module Concept

The training is delivered online in bite-sized pieces. Before each module you will receive materials to read which will prepare you for the next module. There will be an element of interaction verbally, in break out sessions, via chat box and Q&A sessions. If you attend all four modules and pass a short exam during Module 4, you will become a Registered EnCO Consultant, recognised by ESTA and the Energy Institute.

If you are unable to attend all four modules you will be able to catch up on the ones missed at the next repeat series of modules. Once all four modules are attended and the exam is passed you become a Registered EnCO Consultant which is the first stage in becoming an Approved EnCO Practitioner.

EnCO Approval Process

There is a two stage process to become an Approved EnCO Practitioner:

Stage 1

* Attend the four EnCO online modules

* Pass an exam

* Become a Registered EnCO Consultant

Stage 2

+ Deliver the EnCO principles in at least one organisation

* Write an EnCO Case Study

* Application/Interview

* Become an Approved EnCO Practitioner

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The EnCO training is an ESTA accredited course and attract 12 hours of CPD.

Further Details of EnCO

See EnCO website

for free resources, electronic version of the EnCO Matrix and EnCO Case Studies.

Course Numbers

Each course is limited to 15 delegates and places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

In Company Courses

We have also run in-company courses.

Cost of attending

Normal fee: £495 + VAT per delegate covering the four modules.

A 20% discount is offered to those who are ESOS Lead Assessors. For them the cost is £396 + VAT per delegate

ESTA Members can attend the course free-of-charge..

To register

To attend the four online EnCO training modules please contact:

Mervyn Pilley, ESTA


M: 07887 990687

  The EnCO course was created and delivered by experts in energy management and their experience and passion for the subject shows throughout each module. This course is full of great advice on how to make people in business change their relationship with energy.   Steve PickBritish Gas  
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