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Increased well-being in work environments with Selectaglaze secondary glazing

A good work environment provides a sense of wellbeing and encourages efficiency, an important consideration when it is estimated that we spend more than 10 years of our lives in the work place. Factors that contribute towards an amenable environment include a comfortable temperature and acceptable noise levels. 

Well-designed secondary glazing systems offer a cost-effective method of almost eliminating draughts, retaining more heat and keeping unwanted external noise out. This will lead to a more comfortable work space and a reduction in energy bills. Secondary glazing traps an insulating layer of air between the glass panes and if low emissivity glass is incorporated, heat loss can be reduced by up to 65%. These measures make a building more attractive for both sale or lease and assist with the wider commitment to carbon reduction.

Many offices are located close to transport links and in busy town centres where outside noise levels are high, which can distract attention and make people less efficient at work. The recommended ambient noise level in a meeting room is 35-40dB and a cell office 40-50dB, whereas outside street noise levels can reach 70-80dB. 

Selectaglaze secondary glazing set 100-150mm from the primary window and fitted with standard glass can substantially reduce noise levels by 42-45dB and even higher levels if a heavier glass is chosen. Many offices are still found within older buildings, often in city centres or around transport hubs. These were constructed with less thermally efficient materials and in times when noise was not quite such an issue. Single glazed windows do not retain heat well, are often draughty and usually acoustically inefficient.

Whitbread’s Premier Inn acquired a section of the Grade II Listed City & Guilds Group’s Head Office, to construct a new hotel. With heavy plant machinery adjacent to offices, the noise pollution was becoming disruptive. The primary double glazing did little to stop noise ingress, so secondary glazing was installed on one side of the building to help combat the nuisance. After an in-depth technical discussion on the best treatment for all the openings, a total of 51 units were installed, a wide range of products were combined for the specification, including; Series 42 fixed lights, Series 45 and 41 hinged casements, Series 10 and 15 horizontal sliding units.

City and Guilds meeting room with acoustic secondary glazing

They were all finished in a matt grey which complemented the existing windows and the frames were glazed with 6.8mm laminate ‘A’ rated safety glass. Employees at the City & Guilds Group have been very impressed with the level of sound attenuation received and it has made the working environment across all the office floors far more peaceful.

“We were very impressed with the installation and quality of the products supplied by Selectaglaze. There was little supervision required from our part, the workmanship was excellent, and they left the site in an immaculate condition”

Working with Messenger Construction and architects Rodney Melville and Partners, on the Grade I Listed Belton Stables in Grantham owned by the National Trust; 25 thermal secondary glazed units were installed by Selectaglaze to create a warmer and more comfortable office environment. 

In 2018, the ambitious project to conserve and rejuvenate the stables to provide a sustainable future for the building began. Series 10 horizontal sliders were specified for 24 of the original leaded windows in the newly created offices, and meeting rooms on the first floor. Three of the units were glazed with satinovo glass, to maximise privacy in the toilets.  A unique and original feature in one of the offices was a drop-down door, which was retained due to its architectural and agricultural heritage. Full access was desired for ongoing maintenance and to allow natural ventilation, so a Series 20 vertical sliding unit was installed.

“We are delighted with the way the Stables restoration at Belton House has been completed. Transforming an almost derelict listed building into fabulous working offices has been an incredible project and working in collaboration with the Architects and Curators on the project Selectaglaze have played their part in delivering a stunning historic but comfortable working environment.” Ian Cooper, Belton House.

With fifty years’ experience, Royal Warrant Holder Selectaglaze has a wealth of experience working in buildings of all styles. 

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