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Inspired by sunlight

Tridonic supplies intelligent lighting control for the BASF building in Montevideo

LGD Architects had a special request for the lighting of the new BASF Haus in Montevideo. They wanted a system that could adapt automatically to changes in natural sunlight. Tridonic has made their wish come true by supplying exactly the right control system featuring innovative Tunable White technology that automatically adjusts the colour temperature of the artificial light according to available sunlight. Employees benefit from lighting that boosts their well-being and improves their health by supporting the circadian cycle.

BASF Services Americas is a subsidiary of BASF, the world’s largest chemical company. From its base in the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo, BASF Services Americas offers a wide range of health, safety, environmental, logistical, HR, communications and digital services. These services are provided in four languages to BASF companies in 18 countries in North and South America. The company, which has been based in Uruguay since 2014, has made Montevideo a hub for the reliable delivery of services throughout the American continent.

In line with its mission statement, BASF Services Americas focuses on diversity, equality, inclusion, sustainability and social engagement. It is therefore particularly committed to protecting natural resources and the health and well-being of its 850 employees of various nationalities. To provide a space for expressing these fundamental values, the company opened the BASF Haus in the WTC Montevideo Free Zone, a modern business centre in the heart of the city. The principles of sustainability, innovation and creativity are uniquely manifested in a total area of 773 square metres over two floors in the new company headquarters.

Lighting designed to support the company’s core values

Lighting was a key element in equipping the rooms. The company insisted that the lighting should underline the company’s core values. It was also important for the lighting to adapt precisely to the needs and the biorhythms of the people working there. Architect and Lighting Designer Juan Carlos Fabra intended to create an intelligent concept based on a modern human centric lighting approach to realise ideal lighting conditions for the health, well-being and comfort of the employees.

The Uruguay-based company of LYTE Technical Lighting was tasked with designing, delivering and commissioning a lighting system that would meet these requirements. Founded in 2000, the family-run business enjoys an excellent reputation and is regularly involved in the country’s largest and most ambitious lighting projects. LYTE has grown enormously in recent years thanks to its impressive powers of innovation and its willingness to embrace the latest technological trends. Personal support, close customer contact and human principles – both inside and outside the organisation – are the cornerstones of the company’s philosophy.

Photo: Santiago Chaer

Adjusting the colour temperature of the light according to natural daylight

According to LGD design team the team of experts at LYTE implemented a sophisticated and holistic lighting solution for the BASF Haus comprising luminaires from Greek manufacturer BRIGHT Special Lighting SA and an intelligent control system from Tridonic. All the luminaires are equipped with innovative Tunable White technology from Tridonic which not only brings numerous benefits but also enables all the customer’s requirements to be met in full. The control system ensures that the colour temperature of the light is perfectly adjusted according to the amount of natural daylight.

This special type of adaptive lighting is in harmony with the natural circadian rhythm of the employees at their workplaces. Particular attention is paid to the sleep/wakeful cycle as part of the human “internal clock”. Tunable White light supports activity during the day and changes by the end of the day to help with the transition to the resting phase, giving employees in the BASF Haus a greater sense of well-being and improving their health.

A schedule for autonomous control of the lights

The experts at LYTE also developed a special schedule in which certain luminaires throughout the BASF Haus are controlled autonomously. The luminaires are activated and deactivated automatically, so there is no need for them to be switched on manually at the start of the working day or off again at the end. Apart from saving energy and extending the life of the luminaires, it means that employees have one less thing to worry about. What’s more, as the sole source of light for the various plants within the BASF Haus they ensure that those plants thrive by providing constant illumination.

At a glance

Lighting planning: LYTE (Technical Lighting)

Lighting design: Architect Juan Carlos Fabra

Operator/owner: BASF Services Americas

Architects: LGD Architects


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