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Primary school boosts its sustainability steps after teaming up with water retailer Water Plus

A Primary School has boosted tree-planting in their grounds this year – and its approach to save more water – to help increase natural habitats and reduce impacts on the planet, by teaming up with their water retailer Water Plus.

All Saints’ CE Primary School planted the trees as part of their approach to creating a forest for pupils to learn more about the natural world and to help provide shade from the sun and help to manage surface water.

Water Plus, which works with organisations including the public sector, providing water retail services, is increasing tree-planting across England and Scotland as part of its commitment to the environment.

And the water retailer is also highlighting water-saving tips for school caretakers, maintenance teams and school business managers for the school summer holidays, including site maintenance checks for any signs of leaks and noting meter readings each month, if the meter is safe to access, to spot issues early.

All Saints’ Primary Headteacher Nicola Smallwood said: “We have a School Eco Code, students on an Eco Committee and energy monitors, who help the school save energy during break times, as well as pupils learning more about reducing impacts on the environment throughout the school year. We’re looking to do more for the environment this year and the trees that have been planted – along with doing more to increase water efficiency – all helps with this.

“Water Plus not only supported the tree-planting but also provided information on saving water that will help our school and pupils to learn more to reduce impacts on the planet we can all have – thank you for the great advice and helping the environment.”

The school procured its water retailer through Pagabo’s Utilities Supply framework, with Water Plus chosen as the school’s partner.

The trees planted with Water Plus at All Saints’ CE Primary School, in Cockermouth, Cumbria, in March, are native broad leaf varieties, excluding ash trees. In total 360 trees have been planted this year as part of the school taking part in The Jubilee Green Canopy initiative in the UK. The All Saints’ Primary pupils involved in the tree-planting were all members of the School Council and from a range of year groups.

The school has also been highlighting water-saving more widely to pupils and parents in recent months, including information provided by Water Plus, ahead of the climate conference in November 2021 and for World Water Day 2022.

To put the trees in the ground, pupils joined Krystel Gibson, a Key Account Manager with Water Plus, who works with the school and shares with them information to help with water-saving.

Krystel shared water efficiency tips and information with pupils and teachers during a visit to the school this year. She said: “The tree planting is part of the action we’re taking for the environment, working with organisations including schools and the public sector, to raise awareness about steps to help protect natural resources for the future, reduce water waste and water stress and management. 

“We were very happy to help All Saints’ CE Primary School as they increase what they’re doing for our planet – and provide information to help pupils increase water efficiency at school and at home too.

“Throughout 2021, and this year, our water retail and technical experts have helped organisations of different sizes find the opportunities to improve budgeting and forecasting – and cut water waste, running costs and risks to keep doors open at sites.

“We’re also appealing for tree-planting locations across England and Scotland. Suggestions can be made, including brief details on the benefit they would bring to the area recommended, by emailing with the subject heading #Nominatefortrees.”

Water Plus, which provided ten tree saplings for the school, received an international Green Apple Environment Award in 2021 for its work with organisations, including reducing water waste to help reduce impacts on the environment.

In the past year, Water Plus announced it was on Pagabo’s Utilities Supply Framework for the public sector, covering water and wastewater, which is managed by the national framework provider on behalf of Red Kite Learning Trust.

Water Plus will review all suggestions for tree-planting sites they receive. More details on the tree planting appeal, for public sector organisations, are in this PSSA article here.

For more information about the Pagabo’s Utilities Supply Framework for the public sector, go to:

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