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Welcome to the latest Net Zero, Carbon Reduction, and Energy Management news updates from TEAM Energy

Important changes for ESOS Phase 3

The Environment Agency has recently announced changes to the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) which will impact organisations that are required to comply with the ESOS scheme.

What has changed for ESOS Phase 3?

  • There will be no fine for late submissions: If organisations miss the 5 June 2024 submission deadline, as long as they have registered their account with the new IT system by 5 June 2024, and submitted their notification of compliance by 6 August 2024, the Environment Agency will not take action. The regulatory enforcement extension period will end after 6 August 2024.
  • Organisations must share more details on the calculation of their energy consumption
  • Organisations must ensure at least 95% of their total energy consumption is covered, which has increased from the 90% that was required in Phase 2
  • They must also include specific information on how they plan to make energy saving opportunities throughout their business, this includes costs, benefits and how they plan to implement them
  • Businesses must submit a yearly Energy Action Plan following their ESOS Phase 3 submission
  • As well as submit a yearly Progress Update which will explore how successfully you are implementing your energy saving opportunities.

ESOS Energy Action Plan and Reporting

One of the biggest changes to ESOS Phase 3, is the introduction of the ESOS Energy Action Plan. The Action Plan will act as an annual progress update, with ESOS participants required to publicly report on the energy saving and net zero actions they have put into place over 12 months.

What will the Energy Action Plan mean for you?

TEAM Energy’s ESOS Lead Assessor team expands

TEAM’S Energy Consultant, Georgina Wisby, has been certified as an ESOS Lead Assessor and joins the business’ team of ESOS Lead Assessors who are available to help you ensure you meet your ESOS compliance requirements. 

Find out how Georgina can help you

How API technology can transform your energy and carbon management

At a time when there is burgeoning pressure for businesses to embrace and drive sustainable practices the integration of technology is key, not only to streamline costs and enhance efficiency, but also to navigate the complex landscape of energy and carbon management.

In TEAM’s latest blog, their Head of Customer Success, Tom Anderton, explores four ways that Application Programming Interface (API) technology can enhance an energy and carbon management solution and change the way you build a pathway to a sustainable future.

APIs can play a crucial role in energy monitoring and targeting software by enabling the integration of various systems and devices. APIs enable data exchange between a range of systems and can allow energy and carbon management platforms access to up-to-data information from various sources…

Demystifying the language around Net Zero

TEAM understands that the language around net zero and sustainability can be confusing. It is important that everyone is on the same page, to help you understand the terms associated with carbon emissions, TEAM has put together a helpful Net Zero Guide.

Gain a clear understanding of Net Zero terminology

TEAM joins the SME Climate Hub

TEAM Energy is delighted to have joined the SME Climate Hub, a non-profit global initiative that empowers small to medium sized companies to tackle climate action and build resilient businesses for the future.

To join, the company pledged to halve their emissions by 2030, and achieve net zero by 2050.

Discover how the business plans on achieving this, with their Net Zero and Carbon Reduction Strategy.

Milton Keynes based TEAM Energy grows friendship with Marston Vale Forest

For a second year running, TEAM has contributed as a corporate friend of the Forest of Marston Vale by planting a tree for each and every employee in their business. This year a group of employees attended the forest to plant 130 trees and make a commitment to the local community and charity.

Read more about this exciting collaboration 

Welcoming new members of the TEAM

TEAM is constantly growing, this month the business is delighted to welcome several new joiners who will be working hard to support their customers in achieving their carbon and energy management goals.

Please welcome:

Tom Darwen, Industry Analyst in TEAM’s Energy Bureau team

Tom will support customers with energy cost, revenue and service contract analysis and provide insights to customers about their energy consumption, trends and savings opportunities.

Ivy Eames, Service Delivery Manager in TEAM’s Energy Bureau team

Ivy will be responsible for providing insights around energy consumption for organisations with diverse energy estates helping them to understand costs, trends and potential savings.

Nora Szigethi, Energy Services Analyst

As Energy Services Analyst, Nora will prepare data and provide analysis and insights to support customers’ energy and carbon management.

Natalia is a dedicated sustainability professional with expertise in project management, carbon accounting, waste management, and sustainability communications. She provides a wide range of data analytics and research to support the delivery of Energy Management and Consultancy services.

Luke Martindale, Junior Developer

Luke will work to support the improvement and delivery of new software features.

Garry Logan, Junior Developer

Garry will be directly involved in designing, developing, testing and delivering new software features and improvements.

Latest Energy Management News

The Energy Bills Discount Scheme has now ended. Although discussions are ongoing regarding what is next for UK businesses when managing their increased energy bills, Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt did not announce any further support in the Spring Budget. Currently, the energy wholesale market remains volatile but continues a downward trend.

Latest Net Zero News

Net Zero Week is taking place between 6 – 12 July 2024. The UK’s official national awareness week and the biggest net zero conference, Net Zero Week, is now in its fourth year. The much anticipated conference is held online and will feature keynotes and insights from experts across the Net Zero sector, with a focus on tackling climate change and promoting sustainable energy practices.

The UK Government announced that the country is half way to net zero. Data shows the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions have been cut by 53% between 1990 and 2023. Electricity supplied to homes has also seen a big decline in emissions as the country continues to transition to renewable energy resources.

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