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The 6 Benefits of Site Security Powered by Solar

As the UK gets to grips with its rise in unemployment (especially among the youth), it has been widely stated for it to have the potential to cause an upward trend in all types of crimes. Both London Mayor, Sadiq Khan and Prof Tim Newburn, of the London School of Economics, have both spoke about the risks posed by the economic downtown, with Khan stating that there was ‘a real risk of violent crime spiking’ post-lockdown.

Couple this with the fact that many sites are vacant or less occupied than they once were, UK businesses are no doubt looking for ways to ramp up security. But how do they go about sourcing the right technology that is future-fit?

Here, Bradley Wingrave of Smarter Technologies, a smart security solutions provider, discusses the energy efficient know-how behind dealing with your security fears. 

Smart security solutions

Technologies such as alarms, CCTV cameras and motion sensors are nothing new. However, they are connecting and communicating in new and exciting ways using Internet of Things (IoT) technology. These devices can be powered by long-lasting batteries or by solar energy, putting to bed many safety concerns for business owners.

The benefits of solar-powered security solutions  

1. Wireless

Wiring can be a massive hindrance when it comes to installing security cameras and sensors. Setting up cables and attaching them to suitable surfaces is both labour- and cost-intensive. 

And what if you don’t need permanent security solutions installed? For example, on construction sites, the landscapes (and thus the security coverage needs) are constantly shifting. Construction sites are one of the most vulnerable areas for crime, so construction companies need reliable security surveillance that is easily adjustable.

Another problem with cables and wires is that they are also vulnerable to wear and tear and even sabotage and theft. 

Smart, solar-powered security systems allow for wireless data transmission and cable-free power. 

2. No interruption of power supply 

A CCTV camera with solar panels incorporated directly into the camera itself allows the battery to charge throughout the day. This means that you won’t need to worry about the power supply being interrupted in the face of a power outage or cable damage. 

3. Flexible

Wireless security cameras are much easier to install on any site. They also enable more flexibility, allowing you to move cameras on locations and between locations without having to consider where the wires will have to go. This is a significant saving in energy and effort.

4. Affordable

Security cameras powered by electricity will constantly be drawing power and increasing your electricity bill, leading to significant expenditure over time. However, if the camera is powered entirely by sunlight, this is essentially ‘free’ energy. 

When you take into account the cost of the wiring, installation, labour and electricity costs associated with wired security cameras, it becomes self-evident that making the switch to a solar-powered system will save you money in the long run. 

5. Environmentally-friendly

Of course, creating solar solutions is not without environmental cost. However, the impact is offset by eliminating many other environmental burdens, such as:

  • The quantity of plastic required to put a length of cabling together
  • The amount of cabling required for a single-site security system
  • The manufacture of the tough protective sleeving required for outdoor cables

Alongside the environmental cost of the material comes the environmental cost of constantly draining energy from the grid. A solar-powered system, on the other hand, is entirely self-sustained.

6. Smart 

With the right system, you can even leverage smart capabilities which will make managing the security of your site that much more efficient. For example, a smart solar security system will allow for remote monitoring as well as collection of real-time data, which can be presented on a bespoke security dashboard. 

The benefits of this include the ability to receive alerts on connected devices, no matter where they are, allowing you to swiftly respond to breaches. As a result, your business will be better equipped to prevent theft and damage and enable recovery, arrest and conviction as appropriate.

While site security may spark anxiety for business owners amongst these unprecedented times, there are smart solutions available that can put to bed many crime-related fears now and for the long-run.

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