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The most important things happening in ESOS right now

The Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme is a UK government scheme that aims to encourage large UK businesses to implement energy saving measures and support the government in reducing the country’s carbon emissions and help work towards achieving net zero by 2050.

Currently, the UK is in Phase 3 of the ESOS scheme, with organisations that must comply with the scheme being required to submit their reporting by 5 June 2024.

Over recent months, there have been several changes to the scheme that may impact the way businesses make their submissions and what they will need to include to ensure their compliance.

In this blog, TEAM Energy’s Lead ESOS Assessor and Senior Energy Consultant, Sam Arje, will explore five of the most important things that are happening in ESOS right now. 

  1. The Environment Agency announced that they will not take action if organisations do not submit their notification of compliance by the 5 June 2024. However, organisations that comply with ESOS must register their account with the new IT system by 5 June 2024, and submit their notification of compliance by 6 August 2024. Giving businesses more time to comply with ESOS Phase 3.
  2. Organisations will be required to submit a yearly ESOS Energy Action Plan following their ESOS submission, providing annual progress reports on how they are implementing their energy saving opportunities and commitments.
  3. The Energy Action Plan will be recorded by the Environment Agency and published publicly. If an organisation does not make any energy saving changes to their business or if they do not complete the Action Plan, this will also be published publicly. Public Disclosure could have several implications for businesses, including reputational impact, competitive sensitivity and risking penalties for failing to comply with ESOS.
  4. Organisations that have ISO 50001 will also be impacted by changes. Previously organisations that are certified under ISO 50001 were exempt from ESOS reporting. However, changes to the scheme now require these organisations to submit detailed reporting, including data on energy saving achieved by the organisation since the previous compliance period.
  5. Despite the ESOS Phase 3 deadline extension, Phase 4 of the ESOS scheme is still due on 5 December 2027, with the 4 year compliance date between 6 December 2023 – 5 December 2027. Phase 4 is also expected to see changes as it will focus on both energy efficiency within organisations and will require more details on how they plan to become net zero.

Discover more about these changes and how they will impact your organisation when complying with the ESOS scheme.

If your organisation needs to comply with ESOS, TEAM’s expert ESOS Lead Assessors are knowledgeable and up to date with ESOS compliance legislation and what will be required from organisations.

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