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In July 2022, Net Zero Buildings, a business focusing on creating sustainable new spaces for future generations, and Let’s Go Zero, a national campaign taking on climate change by uniting teachers, pupils and parents, joined forces to educate others on the importance of net zero operations.

A zero carbon movement

Let’s Go Zero unites schools with a pledge towards a more sustainable future. With 2,000 UK-based schools, colleges and nurseries currently taking part – representing over 1,000,000 students – the campaign aims to transform schools, all while safeguarding the environment for generations to come.

Let’s Go Zero works with the policy makers – talking directly with the government about these ambitions and the campaign’s policy asks – to ensure that schools have the support they need to reduce their emissions and become zero carbon by 2030. The UK government has already committed to four of the campaign’s seven policy asks, ensuring:

  • Investment in training for those working in education for sustainable development across the educational curriculum
  • Every school has a funded Climate Action Plan, which provides guidance to overcoming current procedures to obtain zero carbon status, by 2025
  • Sustainability is embedded as a statutory feature of careers guidance in UK schools by 2025.

The up-to-date policies and funding support will transform zero carbon goals into reality by engaging with students at a young age. This in turn will enable young people to receive effective climate education, allowing them to leave school prepared for the zero carbon future and living sustainable lifestyles.

The movement helps schools become part of a community – striving for a better, zero carbon future. Although many schools are already taking action to reduce their carbon emissions, the movement puts zero carbon at the forefront of the schools’ strategy, creating a united drive for change.

A collaboration with educational influence

Net Zero Buildings guides its clients to achieve net zero carbon in operation. With rich experience of providing sustainable buildings within the education sector, Net Zero Buildings was keen to support the campaign – seeing this an opportunity to join Let’s Go Zero’s mission and stress the importance of net zero in operation.

Moving forward, Net Zero Buildings plans to support Let’s Go Zero with presentations, helping to educate schools and pupils with their journey towards zero carbon – emphasising why the time to act is now, and the role individuals can play within this.

Let’s Go Zero also holds influential round tables with government leaders – Net Zero Buildings hopes to help guide and drive change within these conversations, supporting sustainable schools with net zero. These discussions will demand more UK government support to help UK schools achieve goals of being zero carbon by 2030.

Net Zero Buildings hopes to showcase its net zero projects and achievements, supporting Let’s Go Zero’s task to inform the schools involved of how reduced carbon can be achieved, as well as the steps that can be taken. These examples can showcase trends in school behaviour, building sizes and locations, as well as data analysis, such as energy performance statistics. This information will be implemented through events, fundraising, campaigns and messaging.

The collaboration will go far beyond schools, influencing families and further communities. By sparking community action, those involved can help to protect the planet to provide a healthy environment for future generations.

Mark Graham, Business Development Director, Net Zero Buildings, was keen to get a conversation going – “Net Zero Buildings’ collaboration with Let’s Go Zero will help to create a greater impact to communities by making others aware of the positive impact net zero in operation has. Moving forward, we believe together we can encourage future generations to protect our environment, tackling climate change by embedding societal and environmental values at an early age.”

Net Zero Buildings has a strong track record in the education sector, including a recent project with Hart School, supporting reduced emissions, delivering a highly sustainable solution using lean, green and clean technologies and innovation. The new building offers energy efficiency, supported by:

  • Super-insulated, extremely airtight, timber-faced panels to minimise heat loss
  • Mechanical heat recovery ventilation
  • Sensor-controlled low-energy lighting
  • Estimated savings of £30 per m2 each year on its energy bills.

Through its support of Let’s Go Zero, Net Zero Buildings hopes to inspire schools and the next generation of individuals by educating students on the importance of net zero in operation to reach targets by 2030.

Lucy Blackburn, Senior Development Officer, Ashden – a UK-based climate solutions charity – was keen to learn how Net Zero Buildings can support Let’s Go Zero’s campaign moving forward. “We’re delighted to be working with Net Zero Buildings to push our campaign even further. Net Zero Building’s case studies will inspire schools, showing them what’s possible, and we look forward to sharing its expertise with the Let’s Go Zero network.”

By working in collaboration to support a sustainable future, Net Zero Buildings and Let’s Go Zero will support local communities with achieving a greater knowledge and impact, making others aware of the positive effect a zero carbon strategy can have.

Through exploration into how zero carbon in operation for new build schools can be achieved, the collaboration can help to support reducing the carbon impact of existing facilities, educating through new methods and available funding.

Driving climate action within communities across the UK will reduce overall environmental impact for a real and lasting change.

For more information on how you can make net zero in operation a reality with Net Zero Buildings, get in touch for more information.

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