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Bristol inventor reveals new green transport system for urban and rural areas

A Bristol based inventor has revealed plans for a pioneering new green transport system, which aims to be the future of transportation ecosystems in both rural and urban areas helping to drive down carbon emissions.

The system, named Traktual, was created by Tony Kennard, and uses a simple infrastructure of an overhead electrical supply which not only powers but guides vehicles around the system. The vehicles are non-polluting at point of use and could eventually replace diesel-powered vehicles.

In 2019 the UK was the first country to pass a law which would require us to become carbon neutral by 2050. The transport sector is one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions but has only seen a 3% drop since 1990. Governments are now putting initiatives in place to help speed up the transport industry’s reduction contribution, such as bringing forward a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans to 2035, five years earlier than previously proposed. In light of this, Traktual could play an integral part in reducing carbon emissions.

Good public transport which is consistently available is essential in changing people’s travel habits, but empty diesel powered buses are currently some of the most polluting forms of transportation on our roads, meaning alternative, non-pollutive solutions like Traktual will be so important in driving down emissions.

Speaking about the Traktual system, founder Tony Kennard said:

I studied transport economics which led me to a career in engineering, and so often the people I see as inspiring are the ones who create something reliable and not too complicated, and in light of the need to find more environmentally friendly transport solutions Traktual was born. With patents secured, the next goal is to see a Bristol-born idea working in the city of its creation, helping to get this place moving in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way.”

The system works safely with other road users and as it works with multi-car articulated vehicles (bendy buses) too, it allows many more passengers than existing buses. Traktual powered vehicles would be able to dock to board passengers more quickly, so vehicles can be more frequent, increasing the overall capacity of the system.

The traktual system is covered by two UK patents and they are currently looking for partners to help develop and eventually implement the technology to introduce this potentially groundbreaking system across the UK and worldwide. More information can be found at

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