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Bywaters and Stirz launch the Sustainable Beverage Initiative

Every year in the UK, over 1.2 million tonnes of waste is generated in the beverage industry. Not including the vast volumes of packaging, disposable cups and straws, supporting our insatiable love of hot drinks. With consumer consciousness growing, it has become apparent that there needs to be a more sustainable solution, that allows you to enjoy a drink without the cost to the environment weighing on your conscience. 

The drive for sustainable innovation brought together two companies with aligned cultures. Bywaters, a dedicated family run recycling company based in East London, and Stirz, an innovative beverage start up, with a goal to create a truly sustainable beverage brand, have teamed up to drive sustainable improvements through “The Sustainable Beverage Initiative”. 

The Sustainable Beverage Initiative aims to bring together producers, consumers and disposers to tackle the growing problems faced by the beverage industry. Stirz and Bywaters aim to tackle the problem head on, providing innovation and guidance to allow their clients to benefit from sustainable beverage solutions, delivering waste reduction whilst eliminating overlooked contaminates, such as coffee pods.

Ben Beagley, Senior Marketing Manager at Bywaters said “We are always seeking opportunities to help our clients reduce their waste production. To partner with Stirz on The Sustainable Beverage Initiative has been amazing. Not only can we provide access to a more sustainable beverage solution for our clients, but working with such a driven company will only help to provide future benefits as more businesses push to move waste up the hierarchy and reach net zero.”

Oliver Cattermoul, Chief Creative Marketing Officer at Stirz, added “Responsible Consumption isn’t the first thing people think of when they get up in the morning, Coffee likely is, but why can’t they go hand in hand? We’ve worked hard to design and create products that deliver premium quality but don’t cost the earth… That’s coffee without compromise, and it’s just the beginning. 

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