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Selectaglaze secondary glazing helping to meet the needs of a sustainable future

Energy use in buildings in the UK account for approximately 17% of the green house gas emissions. Residential buildings making up 10.5% of this total. With the Government’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions, we all have a part to play for them to be met. There is a vast number of existing buildings – heritage and Listed, which can all benefit from energy efficient and sustainable fittings to improve insulation, adding the overall reduction in emissions. With the pressing need to reduce the amount of energy used in homes, secondary glazing can be a solution to a multitude of twenty first century problems. Fitted to the room side of existing windows, Selectaglaze’s units are sympathetically designed to meet the needs of the project.

The product is guaranteed to be the best in its field and carries ISO 9001 accreditation, helping to reduce carbon emissions within existing buildings for many generations to come. Installing secondary glazing instead of replacing a window avoids the loss of embedded energy in the existing frames and the environmental cost of Landfill. The key components of a secondary window, aluminium and glass, are fully recyclable. The comprehensive range of secondary glazing allows sympathetic treatment of almost any style of window and provides thermal improvements, acoustic insulation and added security.

Secondary glazing incorporating low-E glass can play an important part in reducing carbon usage in traditional and Listed buildings with single glazed windows which, untreated, can account for 20% of the overall heat loss from a building. The lower the emissivity of the glazing, the lower the resulting U-value; so by using low-E glass in secondary glazing a U-value of 1.6 is achievable. This not only reduces energy usage and the buildings carbon footprint, but the embedded carbon in the original window is retained.

Timber is used in the installation of Selectaglaze secondary glazing to form a fixing ground and in some cases a frame in which it will sit. Its versatility facilitates optimal fit to even the most challengingly shaped openings. All wood used within treatments is certified to ‘Responsible Forest Management’ standards. This guarantees that the final product only contains timber that is sustainably procured.

With such high performing energy efficient products, Selectaglaze secondary glazing has been used on several projects that have gone on to gain BREEAM ratings. As a provider of sustainable solutions for these sorts of projects, it is crucial to Selectaglaze that this commitment is reflected in the company’s own values and vision. Selectaglaze strives to guarantee that best sustainable practice is reached in all parts of the business and instilled in staff via training and awareness campaigns. Accreditations and awards such as the Royal Warrant and Planet Mark demonstrate this commitment.

Selectaglaze completed an 18-month investment in an extension and refurbishment programme of its premises in 2020.  This included energy efficient processes such as higher levels of insulation, a new heating and ventilation system, LED lighting throughout, thermal shutters for the factory doors and a PV array on the roof designed to generate 80,000KW of green energy per annum. High level, double glazed windows at the rear of the factory allow natural light and ventilation to improve the working environment.

To extend this ethos further the vehicle fleet is being changed to ultra-low emission vans and cars; with the aim to go electric in the next few years. Office functions are being moved paperless wherever possible and single use plastics are being discouraged or prohibited. Staff are encouraged to car share where possible and have access to apply for the cycle to work scheme.

Selectaglaze is dedicated to minimising the environmental impact of its activities and ensuring compliance with relevant legislation. Lean manufacturing techniques minimises material wastage in the factory. Waste is disposed of responsibly, with approximately 90% sent for recycling and 10% to landfill.

The company considers staff to be it’s key asset and well-being is a priority. The office and factory redevelopment has improved the environment, creating a workplace to be proud of. The Company is committed to protecting the rights of employees, meeting all regulatory obligations and ensuring that best employment practices are used. Training and development at all levels is encouraged and there is an active apprentice programme. All this is supported by Selectaglaze’s accreditation to Investors in People.

Through close working with the supply chain, responsible practices are encouraged with policies and commitments in place for antislavery and anti-bribery. Materials and suppliers are selected based on sustainability and ethical trade, with all procured timber carrying FSC accreditation. Suppliers are encouraged to use reusable packaging.

Selectaglaze strives as a company to support sustainability both within its production, administration and final product. This commitment is firmly at the heart of the company values and vision also.

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